What's your turn around time?

2 - 3 weeks / 4 - 10 weeks

For regular photoshoots my turn around time is 2-3 weeks, and with weddings I deliver within 4-10 weeks. If you need them rush delivered, we can chat about your individual needs.


Do you have print packages?

Prints are ordered à la carte.

If you'd like to print your images through me, we can have a chat about what you want, how big, and how many. If you would like to print through a separate service, a print release must be purchased.


Do you travel? 


I will travel to your location of choice. If it is outside the Portland-Vancouver area, I do tack on a fee to cover my expenses. I also don't mind flying. 


How many people can I include in my family shoot?


Six people in whatever configuration you have is the maximum at the regular shoot price. Any additional person(s) will be an added on to your final cost.


How many images do I get?

15 - 20 minimum.

For a regular photoshoot, I deliver 15-20 of the best images from our time together. For events such as weddings, the amount varies, but is mainly dependent on the time spent at the event.


What should I wear?

Whatever you want.

I want you to be you. Be comfortable. Flaunt your style and have fun. Be conscious of the weather, location, and remember that matching outfits are not required.